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Why Application Architecture

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In our previous update I spoke about Business Architecture and what the value it brings.
Today we will continue with the next domain called Application Architecture (AA) – not alcoholics anonymous…J Without EA business leaders might be driven there…J
Input from previous architecture tasks will greatly aid this process. Deliverables such as architecture vision, application architecture principles etc will set the framework within which the AA can be developed.
Industry specific model can \ should also be used as input for this process, such as for the Telecommunications industry.
System and application is used as synonyms.

What is AA?
“System architecture is an abstract description of entities of a system and the relationships between those entities” – The influence of architecture in engineering systems. MIT Symposium, March 2004.

The Goal:
To develop a target application architecture that will enable the Business Architecture and the Architecture Vision.

Typical Outputs are:
Application list
Application components diagrams
Application decomposition diagrams
AA views:
– Functionality
– Integration
– Development
– Operational concerns
– Migration
– Cross functional matrices

Connecting the dots
How many applications support business process A in HR division in the organization?
How many systems \ applications support or provide the same functionality?
What cost can be saved by removing duplicate applications providing the same functionality in the organization?

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Software Architecture Types

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IT Architect; Application Architect; Solution Architect; Enterprise Architect what does all this mean?
Who are they and where does they fit into the business?

These are some of the most common questions asked by Business Executives.

In conceptual terms the following analogy could be used.

A newspaper – Enterprise Architect

The sports section – Solution Architect

The latest football news – Application Architect

The definition of an architect is: “someone who create plans to aid in the construct of things”.

At a practical level the table below gives a breakdown how each architect will contribute to the business.

Architect Type Strategic Thinking System Interactions Communication Design
Enterprise Across Projects Abstracted Enterprise level High level
Solution Solution Very detailed Single project, multiple teams Detail
Application Component re-use, maintainability Single application Single team Very detailed

Application and IT Architect focus at the same level.

The IT Architect is more concerned with hardware and networks versus software applications.

The Solution Architect works across 3 IT Domains (IT, Application & Data).

The Enterprise Architect works across all 4 domains – Business, Application, Data and IT.

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Enterprise Architecture Practitioners’ Conference

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WOW! What a hit!
The Open Group recently held the International Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference here in Johannesburg. It was the most valuable conference I have ever attended. I attended a half day workshop on the “New’ Zachman Framework presented by Mr John Zachman himself.

Most Enterprise Architects are using or have used the Zachman Framework in their careers. More detail is available at

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Business Process Management

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Anyone who has ever wanted to use Open Source Business Process Management, well I may just have the tool for you.

ProcessMaker is commercial open source Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Management software designed for small to medium-sized organizations” –

Give it a try and let me know what you think, will it be suitable to your company or not?
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ITAC Online Self-Assessment Tool

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For all the Architects out there, the Open Group has launched an online ITAC Level 1 and 2 self-assessment tool.

What is ITAC?
“The IT Architect Certification (ITAC) program was developed in response to a variety of emerging trends: escalating recognition of the significant business impact of architectural decisions not only to ensure ROI but to deliver real business value, even to drive revenues; increasing acceptance, adoption, development and convergence in the industry on the definition of an IT Architect; globalization demanding that worldwide standards be defined to ensure quality control, along with the manifest need to distinguish those professionals who are most competent and experienced.” – Open Group

To complete the self-assessment please go to the link below:
Note: This will not provide certification, but merely an indication if your application for certification would be successful.

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